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  In order to know it well, you need of course many days, for who is pleased, some indications on the places of greater interest: Public square of the Town hall, New Castel or Angioino Male, Saint Theatre Carl, Real Palace of Capodimonte, Real Palace, Public square of the Plebiscite, Via Toledo (1536, S. Michele to Port' Dawn, the church of S.Brigida, the Palace Carafa di Maddaloni, the Church of the Saint Spirit, S. Chiara, Nail head S. Severo, S. Armenian Gregorio, Como Palace, SS. Announced, the Church of Monteoliveto, Gravina Palace, Guglia of the Immaculate one, Via Benedict Cross, Saint Way Biagio of the Booksellers, S. Peter to Aram, Via of the Courts and the advanced Decuman Purgatorio to Arc, Saint Greater Paul, Saint Greater Lorenzo, the Dome.  


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